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Choose Profilm for the most optically clear window and paint protection films in the industry.


Your Partner in Success

Profilm is a global company founded by window film industry leaders. We pride ourselves on being both knowledgeable and open-minded. We understand the market and as a result we are well positioned to help you deliver what your customers want.

We believe in partnering with our clients for the best results. With the cutting-edge tech at our disposal, we can develop bespoke products that are perfectly suited to your market. We’ll work with you to create an innovative solution that’s right for you – and your customers.


Profilm: Protection You Can Trust

Profilm Dyed
Profilm Carbon
Profilm High Performance Hybrid
Profilm Nano-Ceramic
Profilm Skin Film
Profilm Multilayered Magnetron
Profilm Photochromic
Profilm Safety Film
Profilm Easy Fit Self-Healing
Profilm Ultra Clear
Profilm Ultra Clear Pro
Profilm Matte
Profilm Reflectives
Profilm Sputtered Neutral
Profilm Dual Reflectives
Profilm Spectrally Selective
Profilm External
Profilm Clear Safety
Profilm Decorative


Innovation Through Technology

We are proud of our highly skilled workforce and our state-of-the- art facilities. People and tech come together to provide quality products in an agile, flexible way.

Ongoing collaboration with industry leaders and tech experts as well as in-depth research ensure that we remain at the forefront of window and paint protection film technology.